Learning to code made easy

Create your user interface with VisualNEO quickly and intuitively with drag and drop. Code using wizards so you don’t need to memorize anything.


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Professionals secret weapon

Extensibility through plugins allow professionals to develop powerful software quickly. You can even create and sell your own plugins.


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For everyone

Hundreds of business, professionals, students and hobbyist
already use VisualNEO all over the world


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VisualNEO for Education

Knowing how to program is now a necessary skill in students. VisualNEO allows you to learn from scratch and enjoy doing it.

VisualNEO for Home

If you like to program your own applications, VisualNEO offers you an easy and powerful way to enjoy your hobby.

VisualNEO for Business

With less emphasis on planning and more on working prototypes, VisualNEO is among the quickest tools for rapid application development (RAD).

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VisualNEO Web

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software visualneo web

Visually design and develop Web and mobile Apps.

VisualNEO Web, is a Windows software to create WebApps. As a result you will get all the files needed to publish your WebApp in a hosting service so everyone can access it using a WebBrowser thanks to the HTML5 standard output format. Develop apps yourself for the Web and mobile devices with VisualNEO Web.

You can generate mobile Apps through PhoneGap online service and sell them on online mobile stores as Google Play or Apple App Store.

Use NEO scripting language, the easiest programming language, or JavaScript to develop your WebApps (you can even mix both of them). Integrate any JQuery or JavaScript library into NEO scripting language through the included plugin generator: you will never have to remember complicated commands again and you can even sell your plugins to other VisualNEO Web users on our Marketplace.

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VisualNEO Win

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software visualneo win

Visually design and develop Windows Apps.

VisualNEO Win, is the software to generate Windows executable Apps. Develop Windows Apps yourself with VisualNEO Win.

Use NEO scripting language, the easiest programming language, to code the logic of your Apps. You will be surprised about how easy it is to develop your own Windows applications with VisualNEO Win. And your apps are yours to sell or share!

Completed VisualNEO Win projects can be compiled into a compact, self-contained Windows application (exe) for easy distribution. No players, special drivers, licenses or additional software are required to execute compiled applications.

VisualNEO Win created applications look and act just like any other Windows program, so no one needs to know that you didn’t toil for years learning Java or C++.

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  • I’m not a programmer, but due to my activity, I faced the need to write programs for managing databases. And it would have been impossible without VisualNEO for Windows. Thank you very much!

    olga from russia
    Olga, Russia
  • I bought VisualNEO Win less than one month ago and started programming as soon as few days after with great satisfaction. VisualNEO is really easy and incredibly powerful.

    Giovanni, Italy
  • Thanks so much for your help to beginner programmers like me.
    I would never have been able to produce my literacy and numeracy programs for children without this marvelous software.

    Cindy, Australia
  • We are definitely a success story. We have developed BiblioControl, our software to manage public access computers, with VisualNEO Win. It is now a successful product with hundreds of users.

    Luis, Spain

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