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VisualNEO Win - line breaks

When you move text files between Linux, Mac and Windows -as I do-, you must be aware of the fact that the line endings in Linux, Mac and Windows are different. In Linux and Mac, LF (\n or [#10] in VisualNeo Win) is used and in Windows CRLF (\r\n or [#13][#10] in VisualNeo Win). So […]

Removing Duplicate Characters in a String with Rosetta Code Inspiration

Rosetta Code ( is a website which presents “solutions to the same task in as many different languages as possible (…)”. Although programming languages have similar and different approaches in solving problems, the site could be inspiring for you, as it is for me. Read on! Last week, I was looking -just for fun – […]

Controlling the cursor position in a Text Entry object

In order to edit source code easily, I made a small editor with VisualNEO Win. The application has the Text Entry object MyBigCodeText. Its content is stored in the variable [MyBigCodeText]. Editing source code means in my case inserting some code tags. As an example: some source code sections have to be preceded by the […]

windows command line in visualneo win

A few questions on the forum under General questions about VisualNEO Win were about Copy Folder with content and Delete All Files In Folder. They were answered in terms of the Windows Command Line using the VisualNeo command ‘Run‘. The Windows Command Line offers many commands that can be useful for you. Runing these commands […]

do you know all about searchstr

To determine if two strings are equal, I always use the If statement in a VisualNeo app. However, there is an interesting alternative. Let’s compare the first n characters of two strings. Given: two strings SetVar “[s1]” “abcdef” SetVar “[s2]” “Abcxyz” Select the first three characters from [s1] and [s2] SubStr “[s1]” “1” “3” “[s1-extract]” […]

math expressions visualneo win

You probably know the use of math expressions in VisualNEO Win’s SetVar: SetVar “[z]” “10” SetVar “[z]” “[z]+1” However, math expressions can be used in e.g. the control commands If, IfEx, While, WhileEx and Loop also, resulting in shorter code. I did not find a post on this topic. So I made some examples for […]

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