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Remove [P] from VisualNEO Win

Last week I tried -inspired by challenge 033 on– to create a VisualNeoWin program that shows the distribution of characters in a string (using the 26 characters of the ISO basic Latin alphabet a..z). Suppose the inputstring is CbcbbA than the lowercase output should be like a: 1 b: 3 c: 2 When scanning […]

VisualNEO Win - line breaks

When you move text files between Linux, Mac and Windows -as I do-, you must be aware of the fact that the line endings in Linux, Mac and Windows are different. In Linux and Mac, LF (\n or [#10] in VisualNeo Win) is used and in Windows CRLF (\r\n or [#13][#10] in VisualNeo Win). So […]

VisualNEO Programmer - FileWrite

VisualNeo Win Help > Action Command Reference > FileWrite says: ‘By default, FileWrite will convert any pipe characters “|” contained within the text into carriage returns/line breaks. To prevent this, add an exclamation point character “!” to the beginning of the data parameter (…).’ After having some unexpected results using FileWrite last week, I decided […]

Controlling the cursor position in a Text Entry object

In order to edit source code easily, I made a small editor with VisualNEO Win. The application has the Text Entry object MyBigCodeText. Its content is stored in the variable [MyBigCodeText]. Editing source code means in my case inserting some code tags. As an example: some source code sections have to be preceded by the […]


Last week I had a very tedious task to perform: I had to make 40 music theory exams as an ODT document (1). Each student should have his own unique exam, containing a specific number of tasks. The ODT document contains several sections as embedded objects (like pictures) sections and formatting styles for various elements. […]

Hello, If you use VisualNeo Win’s StrParse, you have to be careful because of two issues. StrParse gives not always correct results and StrParse is rather slow and can cause your program to freeze. Let’s start with the first issue. Figure 1   In the texteditor Notepad++, I entered the number 1, pressed the Enter […]

filelist visualneo win

Hello, To prevent data loss, my program MCMusiceditor ( saves song codes to a backup directory. Over time, this backup directory becomes very large. Such disk consuming behaviour can be inconvenient. MCMusiceditor has no function that signals a warning message if the backup directory exceeds some size limit. So I decided to make a directory […]

5000 iPhone images: how to handle them?

Dear VisualNeo Win user, Someone asked me last week: Reinier, I’ve 5000 iPhone photos. Can you organize them for me, putting them in separate folders? The name of the folder can be equal to the year the images were recorded. Could the creation date be used in the filename of the image? Thank you! I […]

Clue Adventures Escape Room Games London - Control Panel Set Up - VisualNEO Win

Clue Adventures are an Escape Room Game company in London UK. They use VisualNeo Win and NeoDX to run their exciting games: From a custom built control panel they control the music, video and text that then appears on screens and is broadcast on speakers within the Escape Games themselves. They are also able to […]

do you know all about searchstr

To determine if two strings are equal, I always use the If statement in a VisualNeo app. However, there is an interesting alternative. Let’s compare the first n characters of two strings. Given: two strings SetVar “[s1]” “abcdef” SetVar “[s2]” “Abcxyz” Select the first three characters from [s1] and [s2] SubStr “[s1]” “1” “3” “[s1-extract]” […]

fileexists filelist visualneowin

Dear user, Here some thoughts about using the action command FileList as alternative to FileExists. Suppose, my music folder contains several files such as Bach-BWV545.mp3 Bach-BWV563.mp3 Bach-BWV564.mp4 Suppose further, that we make a VisualNeo Win program that checks if a specific file exists. For this task, VisualNeo has the action command FileExists: SetVar “[File]” “Bach-BWV545.mp3” […]

math expressions visualneo win

You probably know the use of math expressions in VisualNEO Win’s SetVar: SetVar “[z]” “10” SetVar “[z]” “[z]+1” However, math expressions can be used in e.g. the control commands If, IfEx, While, WhileEx and Loop also, resulting in shorter code. I did not find a post on this topic. So I made some examples for […]

Check if a date is valid

Following up on the my post Check if a particular year is a LEAP year, here is a routine to check if a date is valid. By definition, a date is valid if all of these conditions are true … a) The year is an integer greater than or equal to 0 b) The month […]

leap year

By definition, a year is a LEAP year if all of these conditions are true … a) The number is a whole multiple of 4 b) If the number is a whole multiple of 100 it is also a whole multiple of 400 So, 1600 and 2000 are LEAP years … but 1700, 1800, 1900 […]

count down

If your VisualNEO Win application needs to display a count up (or down) of time elapsed (or remaining) … in hours, minutes and seconds … formated as HH:MM:SS … the idea/subroutine described below will help you to do this. First, create a Timer object called tc … configure it so … Start: is set to […]

Populate a ListBox from a text file

For ListBox (or ComboBox) objects whose contents (items) remain unchanged, you just type the items into the List Items field at Design time. However, there are times when you require a different set of items to be loaded into such Boxes every time the VisualNEO Win created application is run … or the items are […]

non-repetitive random selection of items from a list

Here, I described how you can make a random selection from a list of items … but there are times when you need to make such random selections without repeating any of the selections … this article details how you would go about implementing this with VisualNEO for Windows. In your App’s StartUp section … […]

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