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Fast programming for humanists “from scratch”.





Format and terms of training:

This is a completely free online course for self-study (for all from 14 years). You can sign up for a course at any time. It consists of lectures and practicums. Practicums are step-by-step instructions for working at NeoBook / VisualNEO Win, which allow you to create programs – from the simplest ones to the most complex.  The course length is 15-30 hours. It designed for reaching a medium level skills in VisualNEO Win.

Where is the course already used?

Since 2014, this course is a significant part of the discipline “Innovative and communication technologies in the activity of a psychologist” at University of Tyumen. In 2016, the course teacher, Vadim Ljovkin’s, won a grant for the course’s development and now use it additionally as a basis for teaching students in the Elective Principles of Programming for the Humanities.

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You will need to register on the site, select this course and click on “sign up for the course.” After this course will be available.

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