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About a printing system

Good morning to all,

I try to make a printing system that I take one photo and printing with 4 different ways (Please check the photo). In A4 paper one prototype is one photo, second 4 photos, third 9 photos and last 12 photos prototype. So is clear that I need to use one photo and printing with 4 different ways.

-First I try the tmPrintSys plugin that I have and I found that is not keeping aspect ration of the photo.

-Second I try the NeoBookDBPro Report and I have a small success. One photo is OK but when I use more than one is making about 1 minute to load them. I have to say that all my photo have big resolution and are 4 to 6 mb.

Is having someone any other solution?

Maybe I have to make it with VisualNeoweb?

Thank you!!!

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You can try to do without plugins. Have you tried making separate pages in the project with Picture objects in the right position?

You could use the SetObjectFileName command to display the desired photos in them.

And then you could use the PrintPage command.


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That is a good solution but is this will low the image resolution?


I think that if you make the project page size the A4 size, it will print at the right quality.

Printer settings may have an effect.

You can try it on a test image to check it.


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Thank you very much for the solution. I will try it.

Any other solution?


It is also possible to create the necessary graphic files, and then print them using the PrintImageFile or PrintImageFileWH command. The command PrintImageFileWH allows printing a graphic file with the specified dimensions by width and height (in inches). This command allows the drawing to be printed with a strictly specified size regardless of the printer's resolution.

Graphic files can be created for example with the asPicture 3.0 plugin (Andrey Solodyankin).

It is also possible to generate a graphical file using a screenshot of the page or external window of the project (if the page itself or the external window will be of size A4). This external window can also be placed outside the monitor, if the monitor used is small.

It is also possible to form a necessary template of the document in Word (plugin vlWord). Then fill it with a command from the project and send it for printing. In this case, MS Word must be installed on the computer (it is used by the plugin as an automation server).


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maybe this development can give you ideas...

oh, it's free...


Greetings from Buenos Aires,

David de Argentina


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I am really thank you for your solutions. I try all without make any progress.

Is it possible @albertomeyer to help me with the tmPrintSys and have in the tmPSysPutGraphicRect an option to keep aspect ration?

The tmPrintSys is more powerful when work with large images.

Thank you.

Please contact me at alberto.meyer@gmail.com

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