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Advanced SQL Command question

Hello all.

I am trying to use the advanced SQL command in DBPro and can't seem to get it to work. Table name and DB names are correct. Database format is 2003 Access. I have the most recent full version of Windows office.

dbpExecSQL "SCDB" "UPDATE Test_Parse |SET Extra_2 = 'Checklist'|Where Extra_2 IS NULL" ""

So, in DB SCDB, in table Test_Parse, I am trying to put the word "Checklist" in every field that is NULL.

Thanks for any help,


Check and ChekPoint are reserved words in sql, it may be that CheckList is being interpreted like this.
On the other hand being extra_2 text field I would add Where Extra_2 IS NULL OR Extra_2 = ''



Thanks for the help. I tried both options but still nothing. New code below:

dbpExecSQL "SCDB" "UPDATE Test_Parse |SET Extra_2 = 'Base'|Where Extra_2 IS NULL OR Extra_2 = ''" ""


I stand corrected, it does work. Thanks for the help.


travin69 no lo he probado pero si no  lohas averiguado mira esto

UPDATE Test_Parse SET Extra_2 = 'Checklist'Where Extra_2='null'


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