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asPicture 3.0

asPicture 3.0 is a plug-in designed for use with VisualNeo (NeoBook 5). asPicture 3.0 provides add graphics capabilities to your publications. The module allows you to create new image files, as well as do the processing of existing files. There is a wide selection of tools for drawing and image processing, the ability to work with layers, apply various effects to images. Merge image files, crop images. Most known graphics formats are supported.
Plug-in author: Andrey Solodyankin (as3856)
Russia 2019
To use the translation file from Russian to English, please copy the included file “asPicture_3.loc” to the folder where VisualNEO Win is installed.

Plugin changes:
asPictureCreateFile - Fixed
asPictureCenter - fix + changed на Centre / LeftTop
asPictureBackground - Fixed
asPictureWallPaper - Fixed
asPictureHorizRuler - Fixed + Show / Hide
asPictureVertRuler - Fixed + Show / Hide
asPictureGrid - Show / Hide
asPictureLoadCursor - Fixed
asPicCoordinates - Fixed
asPictureLine - Fixed
asPictureBrushEye - Fixed
asPictureEraser - Rewrote functions to optimize
asLayersVisible - Fixed + Show / Hide
asPictureCreateFile - fixed command

Changed team name
asLayersCurrent --> asLayersGetCurrent

Many new teams.
Added panel of multiple thumbnails. (You can open the *. gif), added the writing of texts on the image, UNDO \ REDO .

hola a todos, sabeis alguna forma que cuando inserte una foto se gire 90º automaticamente




There is no such command in the plugin. There is a command "asEffectsWindow" - there is a rotation of the image at a selected angle. When writing an update for the plugin asPicture 3.0, I will consider your wishes.


No hay tal comando en el complemento. Hay un comando "asEffectsWindow": hay una rotación de la imagen en un ángulo seleccionado Al escribir una actualización para el plugin asPicture 3.0, consideraré sus deseos.

I'm having issues with changing colors with the brush and the transparent brush does not seem to work.

This is a complex plugin and requires attention when writing applications. I can say one thing - and the transparent brush and the rest of the brushes were tested - everything is working. Much depends on how to apply them. I advise you to try to write the simplest example - do not immediately touch upon the complex. Need practice ....

This was my first test:

.Creating an asPicture Object
asPictureCreate "Rectangle1"
.Image location on the field
asPictureCenter "Rectangle1" "LeftTop"
asPictureOpenDialog "[FileOpen]" "[PubDir]" "" "False" "2" "Open File"
asPictureLoadFile "Rectangle1" "[FileOpen]"
SetVar "[FileOpen]" ""

asPictureBrush "Rectangle1" "0,255,128" "10"

I selected the color green but the brush gives me black.

I'm definitely interested in learning more about this plugin.

Take your time when programming, test yourself several times for possible errors. Here is a link to the project with a green brush and a colorless brush. Everything is working fine.



Andrei (as3856)