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Bookmark is invalid

It's been a while since I dealt with ' Bookmark is invalid".

I have an app with has a Master Table and linked to Secondary table.

I set a Relation from the Master to Secondary table.

The error shows up with a Query on the Secondary Table and a report (previewed). I use a ShowAll when done.

Question: Does the Relation need to be broken when I do the ShowAll? Does it re-establish the link between the Tables?

I have not been clear on where and when to SetRelationship and when I need to stop the Relationship.

Need some help. I do have other Database apps working without this problem. Just can't remember how to fix it.

Seemed to have straighten out the error.

Has to do with un-setting Relation to break the Master-Detail link to do a report on the Detail table.

Then, re-creating Relationship after using the Detail Table.