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Chrome browser example in VisualNEO Win

Here is a small Windows application (a self-driving browser) using Google Chrome in VisualNEO Win

try it out...

(you must have Chrome already installed)

You can change the links in "selfdriving.lst" with your own links and redistribute it to promote your web pages. If you include an image named "selfdriving.jpg" in the same folder it will be used as its cover page. If you rename the .exe file then that name will be displayed the top title bar next to the timer....



I forgot to say if you rename selfdriving.exe to ChromeNEO.exe it will unlock many more features. You can then open a control panel by clicking on [*.*] There is a help file built in.

It also lets you use the Chrome "blob" download method in your VisualNEO Win projects.

Here is the complete directory with all related files and a few extras:


Thank you! Nice job.