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Color Pickrer Hex code

How do I copy the Hex Code for a color from the PixelNeo(NeoPaint) color picker on the bottom left of the menu?  I know there's a way to do this, but it's not instinctive.  Ctrl-C, for instance, doesn't work. So I have to copy it with pencil and paper which is a nuisance, especially if I have to do it many times.  Thanks!

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Hi @rjburke,
You can select the HTML code, right click mouse button and select "Copy".
Best regards.

I don't have a "Copy" button like you describe, relying instead on hi-lite + Ctrl-C.   Regardless, it seems like something similar should work as you suggest - but it doesn't.

Quite strange. It works for me right-clicking mouse button:

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Oh, thanks for the detail.   I now know it can be done - I just never think of doing it that way. It seems like an odd way of doing it.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question!

(A few weeks later) Yes it works as you suggested, but it's clumsy and slow. Ctrl-C is a much easier way to copy hex off a screen, so add this to my wish list!

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