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copy folder

I know how to copy a single file, but I need to copy a folder


1) What do you want to happen when your "source" folder contains one/more sub folders ... and those folders contains one/more sub folders ... and so on and so on ?

2) do you want to copy files in the "source" folder to a new "target" folder ... or an existing one ?

3) if an existing "target" folder", what do you want to happen if a file with the same name already exists ?

For a simple case (no sub folders), you can use a combination of native VisualNEOWin commands ...


If you need to copy files in sub folders (ad infinitum), you are better of using the DOS command XCOPY ... you can find the option switches here ... ... you can invoke this command using the Run command.

Let us know your specific requirements ... and any areas you need assistance with.

lgaFileSys plugin has a feature "lgaFolder/FileOptions" to copy/move folders and files.

I don't know if it handles subfolders.

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Here are some more plugins that allow you to copy a folder with all its contents:

Plugin = command

dec_Plus 1.9 (David Esperalta) = dec_CopiarUnDirectorio

NeoDouble 1.0.6 (David Esperalta) = npCopiarCarpeta

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