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create DIR from VAR of a File Name only Extension is a constant

Hi Guy's,

I have a little bit a strange question, I know.

I would like create a INI File locatet based on the database File on the app Dir is runnig.

I know a lot of VAR's.


I hope better to explain little bit.


Database call test123.db in the Dir .\my_db

now i would like to create a INI File in the DIR based on the Database Name test123.

But the Database name possible change on the Dir .my_db to test789.db

explain: .\test123\ and if exist a other db Name the DIR change and create a new INI File.

so i would like to create a new INI Dir called test789


I'm so sorry if my explain bit very strange or my Question too.


My Question, Possible or NOT Possible like my Idea and how i can use or create.

I am currently standing something on the hose.


on subroutine:

FileToVar "[CurrentDir]\*.db" "[db_file_name]"



on start up the app:

GoSub "create_var"

DefineVar "[userINI]" "Undefined" "" "Global" ""
If "[userINI]" "<>" "[PubDir]\[help_file_name]\user.ini"
SaveVariables "[PubDir]\[help_file_name]\user.ini"
LoadVariables "[PubDir]\[help_file_name]\user.ini"

Kind regards


Hello everyone,

I have an idea for the code, but I'm not sure if the whole thing only works theoretically.

I don't have that much experience with VisualNEO yet.

That is why maybe the somewhat absurd question.


SQLite dB

If db not exist
Inputbox name of db to variable „dbName“

Create db currentDir\“VARIABLE dbName“.db_ext
Create Tabelle
Create Field 1
Create Field 2

FiletoVar currentDIR\*.db_ext VARIABLE „dbName“


INI File

Define variable INI_Name = dbName
If INI File pubDIR\„VARIABLE INI_Name“\app.ini not existiert



I would like to apologize if my question does not comply with any logic for you.

I actually want to make a little universal now that I can make a database, so I can also install it in another project without a large patchwork.

Best regards

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