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Dead Easy Software Project

Exciting New Project Announcement!

Greetings, fellow forum members! I'm thrilled to unveil a project that has been a year and a half in the making, a collaborative effort with the creative minds at Dead Parrot Software and the expertise of Joe Clayton, an ex-NASA engineer and owner of Dead Parrot Software.

Introducing our brainchild: "Dead Easy Software" – a venture that has yielded over 30 applications and counting, all meticulously crafted using the power of VisualNEO Web. The driving force behind this project is to make these applications accessible to you through an affordable Software as a Service (SAAS) subscription, available on our recently launched platform,

Our impressive lineup of applications includes web app generators, designed to empower you in crafting customized web applications, ready for publication on your website or for sale! You can also embark on an eBook creation journey using AI technology, manual input, or a fusion of both.

This project embodies a realm of limitless possibilities waiting to be explored through VisualNEO Web power.

Dive into the Details: The initial tutorials are already live, providing you with a comprehensive guide to harness the full potential of VisualNEO Web. Check them out on our YouTube playlist.

We are eager to hear your thoughts, feedback, and opinions. Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of this project.
Thank you for your support and enthusiasm! Together, let's embark on this exciting journey of innovation and creativity.

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VadimHPWalangonzalez91DarbdenralAnthony LaTorre

Super! This is very interesting! I wish you a successful progress of this project!

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Hey Luis, Just a heads-up. I tried signing up to Dead Easy Software, but I got an "Error" message after filing out the form and clicking the "Paypal" button. Tried to signup in a couple of different browsers... "Chrome". "FireFox" with no luck...

Thought Id let you know...

@anthony-latorre thank you for the feedback, we will check it and let you know.
Thanks again!

@anthony-latorre I think the problem has been fixed. Please try again and let me know if everything works as expected.
Thank you so much!

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Anthony LaTorre

Working fine now...

Thank you Luis.

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Interesting project, excellent work on the project builder, the design interface is very easy to use for anyone and works great!  I think the front-end website design is a little marketing heavy, almost like a WSO one time offering, just my opinion.  I look forward to seeing how the project develops and wish you the best!

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Wow, I am away from the forums for a while and come back to read about this. I will check it out!

Hi Luis !

Try to way... So sorry!

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@cdy44-2 hi!
How are you getting that error message?
Just when pressing the upper-right Login button?

Thank you!

Hi @luishp,

I have 404 error when I enter my ID and Password to login...

Hi @cdy44-2, it seems you are not a registered user (please let me know if I'm wrong). Of course there is still an error as you shouldn't see a 404 error.
Note that is a subscription site.
Thank you!

Hi @luishp,

I have an account. See the picture below.



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I try again to login, and now it works ...

I navigate trough the site but things are not so clear to me...

I will study examples in youtube to try to understand how it works.


Just received this e-mail....

" Denis,
Please note - there are no free memberships allowed on the site so you can not
access the membership Apps (the FREE apps are on the site menu, no membership
I am not sure how you got registered? But I have to remove your account - with an
existing "no member" account, you would not even be allowed to become a paying
member. It would say "account already exists".
We do appreciate you visiting the site though."
...!!???? So I will forget Dead Parrot Software.

@cdy44-2 I think you have received an email from our partners. The site is managed by them. Since the site is quite new, it appears that there are some details that require attention. I'm very sorry for any confusion this may have caused you.

Registré hoy las aplicaciones que probé cuando las descargué aparecen sin los datos o imágenes que capturé o agregué, requieren de un puerto para estar habilitado o lo que podría estar pasándome
donde lo probé tengo pfsense como firewall envié una imagen de cómo aparece

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@carlos-saldana las aplicaciones generadas necesitan funcionar en un servidor web, ya sea local o en un servicio de alojamiento web en Internet.

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