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Displaying variable names in a Container

I do not have a solution, but I am posting here so any tips posted here will be of use to others.

I need to display names (NOT values) of variables within the HTML for a Container object (could be Push Buttons or other object) e.g. something like ...

The results will be displayed in variables [abcd] and [xyz]

... I want this exact text to be displayed at run time ... not the current value of variable [abcd].

I tried several work arounds ... escape characters/tags, enclosing the text in code and /code tags etc. ... but it always displays the current value of the variable ... any ideas/tips ?

You can use other characters instead of square brackets. Either small images (pictures) of square brackets instead of square brackets symbols. :)

@gaev just assign the ng-non-bindable CSS class to the Container (advanced properties).
This is a special predefined AngularJS CSS class to avoid showing variable values.

Another option is to use Angular's "ng-non-bindable" directive inside of an object's HTML. For example, in a Paragraph object, you could add a Span with ng-non-bindable like this:

<span ng-non-bindable>[test]</span>

When displayed in the browser it looks like this:


Angular won’t process anything within the span, so variables will be ignored.

Thanks @Vadim and @luishp ... the directive inside a span element seems to be the most convenient method.

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