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Editors toolbox for Neobook

I’m looking for a free plugin called "editors Toolbox for Neobook" someone can give me a download link, or send it to me by email?
Thank you so much

Buenos días,
¿ Busco(Investigo) un plugin gratuito quién se llama " editors toolbox fuero Neobook " alguien puede darme un lazo de descarga, o enviármelo por e-mail?
mucho gracias

Hi @jeannoel,

I have found a copy for you :)
Best regards.

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Thank you very much

Thanks Luis.This is good !

But, it is not the latest. the lastest is  version 1.75.

You can find it here : https://sites.google.com/site/pluginsneobook/home/descargar
I scanned it with Virustotal.

You should add it to your plugin page. This one is very useful!

Thank you @otc66,

I'm not sure about what we can legally upload to our server.
I know all of that plugins are free but don't know if we can host them.
Would be great to have a good repository with annotations and comments from users.
I'm thinking about a code repository too.

Any advice is welcome.