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Embarcadero showcase contest

As you know VisualNEO has been showcased in Embarcadero 26th anniversary contest.
If you want to help us win the contest, please like and retweet this tweet:

Click here and retweet

Thank you!!!!

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I just want to express my gratitude for the great amount of likes we are receiving. Some of you have even opened a twitter account for the first time in order to do so. This community is amazing and I am very proud to be a part of it.

Right now we are in third position and we can keep accumulating likes until February 24th. So we can still convince family and friends to help us to get more likes.

It's a great opportunity to spread the word about VisualNEO beyond our community.

A big THANK YOU to everyone!!!

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Do the contest conditions allow you to make a call for repost via social networks? If it is not prohibited, I will make such a call through my social networks.

@vadim in fact they promote it. They are doing it in part to get a boost on their own social networks and blog SEO.
Thanks so much!

@luishp me alegro mucho que se valore todo el programa, el soporte y la comunidad.

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@luishp Very happy for VisualNeo, i hope the program continues growing as deserved, is a great app. Proud to be part of community.



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If anyone is wondering what happened to the contest, they have extended the deadline to Friday, March 5. We're not doing too bad, but there are a lot of bots clicking "likes" here and there.


I was just about to ask ))
Where are the current voting results shown?

Where are the current voting results shown?

@vadim I think nowhere, it's necessary to follow these hastags: #ShowcaseChallenge #Delphi26th and check for yourself.
There are about 200 competitors.

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