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FabricJS Plugin Update

FabricJS Plugin now supports saving in WebP format :)
New version attached.

WebP is a modern image format that provides several advantages over traditional formats like JPEG (JPG) and PNG. Here are the key benefits of using WebP:

1. Better Compression

  • Lossy Compression: WebP can reduce file sizes significantly more than JPEG while maintaining similar quality. This is achieved through advanced compression techniques.
  • Lossless Compression: Compared to PNG, WebP can achieve smaller file sizes without any loss of quality, making it more efficient for lossless images.

2. Supports Transparency

  • Unlike JPEG, WebP supports transparency (alpha channel), which is similar to PNG. This makes it suitable for images requiring transparent backgrounds, such as logos and icons.

3. Improved Image Quality

  • WebP often provides better image quality at the same file size compared to JPEG. It uses advanced algorithms to reduce artifacts and maintain higher visual fidelity.

4. Animation Support

  • WebP supports animation, offering an alternative to GIFs with better compression and quality. Animated WebP files are usually smaller than their GIF counterparts, resulting in faster load times.

5. Efficient Delivery

  • Smaller image sizes mean faster loading times for web pages, which can enhance user experience and improve SEO rankings. Faster load times also contribute to lower bandwidth usage.

6. Versatility

  • WebP can be used for a wide range of image types, including photographs, graphics, and animations, making it a versatile choice for web developers.

7. Wide Browser Support

  • WebP is supported by all major modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. This broad compatibility ensures that most users can benefit from the advantages of WebP.

8. Energy Efficiency

  • Smaller image files require less data to be transferred and processed, which can reduce energy consumption and improve battery life on mobile devices.

Comparison Summary

Feature JPEG PNG WebP
Compression Type Lossy Lossless Lossy & Lossless
Transparency No Yes Yes
Animation No No Yes
File Size Larger for same quality Larger for same quality Smaller
Browser Support Universal Universal Modern browsers

Example Use Cases

  • Websites: Faster load times due to smaller image sizes improve user experience and SEO.
  • Mobile Apps: Reduced data usage and improved performance, especially on devices with limited bandwidth.
  • E-commerce: High-quality product images with smaller file sizes can enhance the shopping experience and reduce page load times.
  • Graphics with Transparency: Logos and icons can benefit from WebP’s support for transparency and smaller file sizes.
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Vadim, HPW and 3 other users have reacted to this post.

WoW! cool

Thanks for the update! FabricJS is one the best plugins I ever used.

@luishp se ve bueno ese formato, pero no se si es que estoy haciendo algo mal al convertir imagenes a este formato pero el objeto imagen dentro de visualneoweb si bien permite seleccionar una imagen con esta extension no la muestra

@gustavo1973 se muestra al ejecutar la aplicación.
No se puede mostrar una imagen webp en el editor porque el renderizador depende de IE que no reconoce ese formato.

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