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First Impressions of CloudNEO

I recently start using the Professional Hosting plan at CloudNEO. It is early days but here are some thoughts:

The cost is competitive for what is on offer.

Here in Australia, hosting tends to cost more than elsewhere. I liked that I could chose a server local to me without any extra cost.

The Admin is not cPanel. cPanel is very popular, but I have never particularly liked the way it works. I am finding the CloudNEO admin UI much easier to use.

Everything has simply worked so far, adding my own SSL certificate to a site, setting up email accounts etc.

I  haven't had to use the help or put in a support ticket, which is encouraging.

There is only a tiny site on it at the moment and I have yet to add a web site that will stress the hosting, but I will be moving some sites over in early 2022, and may have more comments after that.

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Somehow, I missed reading this post at the time you published it.

Thank you for sharing your experience with neoCloud hosting.

Some time ago, I made an attempt to setup my web hosting on the neoCloud platform. The content of my website (on my current web host) is very old and so I was going to start creating web pages on neoCloud from scratch on neoCloud; however, I wanted to archive the web pages and associated images on neoCloud. I only needed to retain/transfer my domain name (

In the past, when attempting to change web hosts, I was able to create/update web pages on the target host by accessing my web space using something like scriptedlogic.{my web host domain}.com or www.{my web host domain}.com/scriptedlogic ... then, transfer my domain at the end ... unfortunately neoCloud support told me that they did not offer such access.

I thought of transferring the domain first; and use the subdomain facility to access files on my current web host. However, my current host provides a free domain as part of the plan; so I was not sure how I could take over the ownership of the domain without closing down the hosting.

So, I was wondering how you addressed this situation (assuming you were transferring content from another host) i.e. did you have to create a domain name at the time of opening your plan with neoCloud ?

BTW, great contribution on your part in documenting the Action Command Summaries.

@gaev, I understand what you mean about not wanting to affect the uptime of a site when moving it around. I think you are right, as far as I can tell you must register a new domain when opening an account at CloudNEO.

What I have done is this:

  1. Open a CloudNEO account with a new unrelated domain, which I plan to use in the future.
  2. Add my existing domain to CloudNEO, as a hosted domain.
  3. FTP upload my existing site to CloudNEO.
  4. On my current host, change the Domain Name Servers to be the CloudNEO ones.
  5. Make sure my site is being served up from CloudNEO, make a change on the new host only to see if it is visible.
  6. Cancel the hosting only on the current host, being sure that I can still login to administer and renew etc  the domain itself.

So then I am only paying my old hosting service annually for the domain parking.

After step 2 make sure the MX records are correct. I think CloudNEO copies them from the currently active DNS, but it is a good idea to check.

When doing step 5, I worry what if they get it wrong and the domain disappears somehow? But that never happens!

I find moving the site is usually straightforward, it's the email side of things that I find more confusing, but the details depend on is your email on the old host or a thirdparty, local client vs webmail and whether you need an archive of the old emails etc.

EDIT:  that is probably way more detail than you need to answer the question, must you register a domain to start with CloudNEO.

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Thank you for your response.

I do not use email services provided by web hosting companies; so I do not have to do anything there.

I think I will approach my current web host to see if I can reroute my Domain records to neoCloud, and access the old content via their subdomain facility; failing that, I just might have to buy a second (perhaps temporary) domain on neoCloud.

Thanks again.

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