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Library of VisualNEO Plugins

If anyone needs any specific plugin, reply to this thread.

neodude, where were you all the time? :) Good to know someone can help make things so much easier...

I need a plugin that can play a .wav (wave) file faster and slower (tempo) without changing the pitch of the .wav file. I've tried many options but all of them changes the pitch of the .wav file. If I play a drumbeat at 60bpm and change it to 100bpm it changes the pitch higher and sounds like a robot sound. I want to create a drumbeat in my DAW at 100bpm and when I use it in VisualNeo I want to change the (Tempo) faster or slower with buttons.

Hope you can help

This can be achieved with the help of HTML Audio Element's playbackRate property.

However, before we start extending VisualNEO's abilities with Browser Object, we need to get familiar with some quirks.

Try running this publication & let me know if you get "Hello" message on screen or not.

Yes I`get Hello

Yes, got the hello message popup window

@thibeault911 Hello! Welcome to VisualNEO's World.

VisualNEO Control Media Playback Rate

Now I get this message on all buttons

We'll fix it shortly, its very easy.

Right now, I'm taking leave and wish you all the best for your tomorrow's jouney/work.

Thanks neodude.... enjoy!

Maybe NeoBookDX will help?

Here's the Windows 7 compatible version.

Maybe NeoBookDX will help?

@mishem: No NeoBookDX changes the pitch when you play a wave or mp3 file faster or slower.

neodude, I still get this error

Close VisualNEO. Right click VisualNEO's shortcut on desktop and choose Run as Administrator.