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If someone have tmSpreadsheet plugin


I try to work with a xls file that is an export from opencart and then import my products from a xls that I make. But I try with DBpro and is not possible.

Then I remember that I regist the old plugin tmSpreadsheet that I don't have now.

Do you have someone the tmSpreadsheet plugin or can someone tell me a solution how to connect to xls file and write and read the data?

Thank you

Change the file extension from .xls to .csv., Open it with an ordinary text editor ...
(also opens in VisualNeo)


Andrei  (as3856)

Yes I know that way and I ma really thank you for your answer. I really need to have it in a rectangle.

Probably you need to write a plugin to convert from base to .xls and from .xls to base.
- Although you can do without it.


Andrei (as3856)


The old one plugin tmSpreadsheet that I have registration was very useful for all. But I try many times contact with the author but I haven't receive any answer. So please if someone have it just to send me.

Best regards

I am really thank you for the plugin. I just receive it.

Thank me for nothing - I did not make such a plugin, I just have small plans ...

Andrei (as3856)

Sorry for the misunderstood. Someone send me the tmspreadsheet plugin to my email and I told thank you to him.

I have Christian Chauvin's nzpluginXLS plugin. Will it work for you?

Also, you can use DBPro to connect to Excel file. You need a connection string for it.

If not do you know who's the author of tmspreadsheet so that I can try finding it for you.

Were you able to find tmspreadsheet? I have a copy from 2004. The readme file says Version2 release.

The last known version of tmSpreadsheet is 2.01...