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Your help is very much appreciated!
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IMPORTANT: New registration system

Due to the problems related to the registration and protection software included with PixelNEO, VisualNEO Win and VisualNEO Web, we have changed the software vendor and thus, from now on there will be some changes regarding software registration:

  • Old registration keys will not work on current and future downloads. If you need to reinstall the software, please send us an email asking for a new key. Please don't forget to include your Purchase ID and System ID (see below).
  • New keys will be locked to a computer, so you will need to include your System ID (shown in startup window) when purchasing or renewing a license.
  • If you need additional keys for other computers you personally use, just send us the corresponding System ID's and you will get the keys at no cost.
  • New keys will be send as a .reg file. Just double click it to install the key or import it using Windows RegEdit utility.

We hope this will fix the problems related to the software asking for the registration key from time to time.
Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

Hola @luishp

Yo tengo el programa instalado en tres computadoras windows y en windows virtualizado en un imac.

En este caso para instalar la nueva versión que he adquirido  hace poco más de tu mes qué debo enviar y a qué dirección.




Hola Roger (@rrey)

Simplemente descarga, descomprime y reinstala el software desde la Página de descargas .
Un vez instalado, verás que al iniciar el programa aparece una ventana con información acerca de tu System ID.
Simplemente seleccionalo con el ratón, copialo y envíamelo por email a info arroba
¡No olvides enviarme tantos System ID como ordenadores tengas!


Muchas gracias.

Very good. I hope visualneo win has more updates. Then I'll send you an email to get the new key

I have tried to contact you many times and get continuous errors (via contact page).

I am trying to get my Visual NEO Windows registered (I have a new computer and I'm a long time user of NeoBook and Visual NEO).

I don't know what other email address you want us to send the System ID.

Also, I don't know what the "Purchase ID" is.

Can you explain and tell me where this information is?

Thank you.

Chris Berardi

@agilefalcon, about how to get your SystemID please take a look here:

You can contact us by email (info[at] or even by WhatsApp (look at the icon down right on our site).
Thank you!

I sent you an email with the system ID - you had mentioned I need a "Purchase ID" but maybe that was a typo?

I assume I do not need any other "code/key" for my Plugins? (FM and DBPro).


Hi @agilefalcon, I have just sent you your registration key.
You get the Purchase ID in an email from the store when you purchased VisualNEO. It's only to facilitate me to find your order.
Don't worry, I have found it through your email.
Plugins will work as usual.

Thank you!

Thank you very much! Such great support.


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