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Limiting records in SubReport in DB Pro

I have an application for recording and reporting volunteers.  The database will have some active volunteers and not-active volunteers (when they loose interest).

The Report I need help with is reporting a category e.g. Food Serving and those volunteers who indicated they will help.

Food Serving (from Master table)

Name 1 (from volunteer names table) (sub-report)
Name 2

Right now the report shows active and not-active volunteer names.

Active field is a boolean field

I want to only show the volunteer names that are active but I am not sure where the Query should be placed to make this happen.

Is it possible?


Hello, how I would do it is by creating a view of the table with dbpCreateView

and filtering the active users, and that is what you use in Report Designer.

There are two tables: One acting as Master (Category) and second Slave (Volunteer Names) where I want to limit the display to only active volunteers.

I show corner of Report and  Report-development.

I haven't used dbpCreateView.

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You must make an SQL query with the condition inside the WHERE. Ex:


and save this into a temporary new result table:

dbpexecsql "my_db" "SELECT * FROM my_table WHERE = 'TRUE'" "temporary"

And when you modify the report, call the "temporary" table, and not the original one.

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