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Need Several NeoWeb Projects - PAID WORK

Hello everyone,

I own a business in the US, and we are an elite VAR with the largest mobile telecom provider.  Currently this telecom provider only has 7 elite partners out of over 6,000 partners and we are one of them.  As business has drastically increased over the last year so has demand for my time and energy.  I no longer have any spare time for development, so I need to hire someone.  This would start as a contractor type position but could easily move into a fulltime paid position if you are interested in full time. I currently have people in so I can use this if needed.

I have urgent needs right now I need to have completed.  I need someone who can use Neo Web for every single project we do.  I need someone who is well versed in Neo Web and who is also well versed in the following: API calls, both SOAP and REST; PHP; HTML; JSON; MySQL/SQL; Website Design/layout; and Mobile App development using Neo Web.  We have several systems we use, and we need to move data between these apps when needed.  We use Office 365 for a lot of things so strong knowledge of this is preferred.  We also use Azure for some things too.

Let me be clear, I am looking to hire someone to work for us so my company would own everything created.  This includes anything used while I am paying you including any and all project source files.  All project source files will be kept in a repository and checked in every single day.  Also, anything developed for me would be classified as secret only available for my company.  To be clear, this means anything developed could not be used in any way for anyone else, even including the ideas we discuss and the execution over those ideas.  A non-disclosure agreement would need to be signed.  I want someone who is honest, trustworthy, timely, and can help develop ideas/strategies around the systems we use and how we can get better using these systems.

My company has around 40 people right now from sales, support, project management, and engineering.  You will be reporting directly to me.  Although we work hard, we play hard too.  I have an office in Eastern North Carolina, Denver Colorado, and San Diego California but you will not be required to work from an office.  Working from home is fine but you must work from 8am to 5pm EST although I am flexible on hours.

If interested, or if you know someone who may be interested, please email me your resume and salary requirements to ASAP.  If salary requirements are not part of the information you send, I will not consider you for the position.  Honestly, I do not have time to waste, and I don't mind paying for your expertise. Although this post is very direct, I can assure you working for me is very easy. Thank you for your time in reading this post.  I hope to find someone very soon!

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