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neo3dModel plugin is coming up

I'm very sorry for not being very active at the forum.
Just very busy doing some progress on 3D stuff for VisualNEO Web next version.
Please take a look at this sample app to see what is coming:
(Model loading can take some seconds)

Models an animations are stored in .glb 3d files.
@hpw I hope you like it :)

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Hi, luishp

That is Awesome!

nice work.

Hello luishp,

Yes, I like it.

Works for me on latest Chrome.

On latest Firefox the 3d gets loaded but looks black. No Color or texture is shown. I can move around.

On IE it does not work.




It works great!
Checked in Chrome and Firefox on a computer.
Checked in Chrome on the phone Nokia 5.
Only the top of the screen does not fit on the phone (only the bottom of the top button that launches the astronaut is visible).

I'm using this web component from Google:

It's very recent and is still under active development.
It seems the "black models" appear radomly and it's a known issue in the list to be fixed.
More info here:

As it uses WebGL for rendering, as far as I know, there is no way to use it on Internet Explorer.
Tha sample app I have published is not optimized for mobiles, although the plugin will work fine on them.
There are many software options to generate the .glb 3D models.

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I have updated the sample.
The issue regarding "black models" seems to be fixed.
Model loading is quite more faster.
I have tested some Microsoft Paint3D exported models and they work really good, even very complex ones :)

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Hello Luish,

Firefox now works, but Chrome hang up on loading. The Astronaut loading bar stuck on a quarter of the sreen wide.

Then a popup appear that the site does not react.

Latest Chrome on win7.





@hpw I think the problem you have faced comes from a server punctual failure.
Please check it again.


Just rechecked it.

Firefox is Ok and fast loading.

Chrome still does not work and hang up completly when clicking one of the load-Buttons.

Chrome 78.0.3904.70 on win7



Hi @hpw,
It's probably a Browser Cache problem.
Please, delete the cache and try again.
Sorry for the inconveniences.


I delete the Cache but still  it crashes. Strange.

But I try also on an aged Laptop with current win10 1903 32 bit and latest Chrome and Firefox.

There it works on both Browsers.



Luis, do you have a video tutorial for the plugin Neo3dmodel?



Sorry Luis, I didn't knew or saw this application was an example that come with VisualNeo Web.  I just found out this morning.

I'm thinking about updating this plugin with new capabilities (3d annotations) but not sure how popular it is. Would you be interested?
I have been able to update the original JavaScript lbrary thanks to the new VisualNEO Web capability (version 22.8.6) to include JavaScript modern modules.
This is a very simple sample app using the lastest version:


I love this plugin and have some ideas on how I am going to use it.  I am looking for a good program for creating 3d models and animations, but something fairly easy to use until I get good at it.  Any suggestions?

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