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New website for CloudNEO Web Hosting

We are proud to announce our new CloudNEO hosting website offering high quality and affordable shared cloud based web hosting for your VisualNEO Web Apps, WebSite or MySQL databases (accesible from VisualNEO Win Apps).
All plans include PHP , Perl and Python support and of course email accounts. Also NodeJS as an optional package. Compare all plans. Take advantage of our 30 days free trial offer.

A good and affordable hosting service is part of our vision for VisualNEO future as it will allow VisualNEO Web users to quickly publish their Web Apps within a well known and easy to setup environment.

For more information visit CloudNEO hosting website.

Getting error message....


This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.

  • Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

That's really quite strange.
It works perfectly from here.
IP address:

Hmmm, might be my work then.  Our IT does strange things.   LOL


I can access it (from Chrome).

Also, check out the info from CuteStat ...