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NWJS+NGINX+PHP - All in one - (Idea with sample app)

Hi! It's me!

I made a sample app, where you can mix NWjs(+nodejs) with nginx and php to make cross platform desktop software using VisualNeo Web!
Tested with my Notebox app and it works perfect just like phpDesktop, but it's new and better cross platform and more powerful!
Instruction is on app, but I put it here as well:

I assume you have a 'myApp' folder with any other name...
It's folder of downloaded and extracted 'nwjs' from nwjs.io
inside that, there is a 'package.nw' folder.
your published VisualNEO Web files are there... index.html, package.json and folders...
and don't forget to check 'include neoEdge and NWjs compatibility' option in your VisualNEO project.
there are 2 more folders in package.nw:
'php' - 'nginx'
which you downloaded from their websites...
and set their config files for your needs.

now on this sample app there is 2 subroutines, which they are 2 javascript codes:
starter - ender

publish this project to 'package.nw' folder of your NWjs app.
then click on buttons below, to run nginx+php or stop them.

this codes, will not end or conflict with other php or nginx process on user's machine.
anyways I used chatGPT to write starter and ender, so test it before use on any projects.

This way you can build cross platform desktop apps (+php and sqlite databases +nodejs) easily by VisualNEO Web.
Output size is huge, ~200mb zipped ~400mb unzipped but it gives you lot of power!
php+nginx+nodejs+chrome! woha! MAYBE WE ADD MYSQL TO MAKE IT 1Gb??? lol

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Thank you for sharing @noyzen!

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I'm trying to make NoyzenNW Plugin for VisualNeo Web. to work with sqlite, files, and some other functions... to easily create desktop apps using NWjs.
If I succeed I will share it on forum for sure :D

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@noyzen great! Let me know if you need any help.

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