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Outer Space Screen Saver

Here's a fun project I made using the ezJSON plugin for VisualNeoWin.  I hope you enjoy!

  • Name: Outer Space Screen Saver
  • VisualNEO Platform: VisualNeoWin
  • Payments: Free
  • Code Signed: Yes
  • Webhttps://tropicdesigns.net

The Outer Space Screen Saver can display pictures from space on your PC screen. This educational and fun screen saver will have you and your family amazed. Each day the screen saver will pull the astronomy picture of the day and detailed explanation from NASA.


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luishpVadimCDY@44iretzsusanRobert Marquardt

@darbdenral Thanks for the pretty and educational screen saver. While downloading, I checked out your website and wondered is any of the other software made with VisualNeoWin too?

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@susan Wow I'm thrilled you enjoyed the screen saver.  They're actually making a comeback! The new monitors don't need screen savers anymore, we just enjoy them. :)

I have a couple other programs online right now built with VisualNEO Win. But I'm still updating the site, currently most are developer tools.  I have a few other products that I'm in the process of updating and hope to have them online this year.

Two of the programs on this page are developed in part with VisualNEO Win , SignIt and jsonTreeView..



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