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Printing Help

Hi guys, sorry to bring this topic up again but i really need help with this printing problem i have. About a year ago @Vadim helped me with options to print objects in a Container.


The problem i have is that this options does not print in good quality. I need an option that can print objects in a container in good quality. I made an example. Please let me know if there is any other way to print in good quality in custom container. Thank You



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Hi! The screenshot does not allow you to get an image that you can then stretch qualitatively. Therefore, for good printing quality, you should print the original image instead of a screenshot. You have found a good way to show it in a container and print it from a page.
To avoid creating pages for all containers, you can send the image address and text to the same page (containing variables for image and text) for printing if their design is similar.
I do not know the other way yet.


Thank you for your reply :)

To avoid creating pages for all containers, you can send the image address and text to the same page

You are right, I can send the image to one page and print the page, but my problem is that my application is "Full Screen" and i want to only print a image that is 200x200 px for example and with that i cannot use the "Print Screen" option. The other thing is that i also have text that is loaded into variables in the container with the picture i need to print.







Try to describe the task (what you intend to get as a result), not the way to solve it. Perhaps someone will think of another way to solve this problem (instead of printing the container contents).
Maybe the asPicture plugin will work for you.


The task is to print a custom window (container) and everything in it the same quality as - PrintPage "Page1" "Final"

And I'm not talking about a custom window (container) that is the same size as the application because then I can use the "PrintPage" option.

If I have several different size custom windows (containers) and I want to print one of those custom windows (containers), it must print it in high quality, the same as the the default print page option.

I want to load a picture in a custom window (container), add text etc to a specific place on the picture and print it. I also need custom windows for A4 Portrait and Landscape printing options.

If someone can figure out how to print different size custom windows in high quality, please let me know.

Thank You


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