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Router cloud storage?

Attention App developers. There is a new cloud storage solution coming soon: Your router! Yes, your router can store all the data that your mobile device now sends to the "Gog Power Companies" (aka, all 3rd party storage hosts) who charge you for their storage space but would sell your personal information to Cambridge Analytics, etc. Your router can be accessed by you from anywhere in the world, as long as it is turned on! It can store your personal files, pictures, music, videos, etc. Since 3rd party storage hosts are not trusted so much today, watch for the introduction of "personal router cloud storage" for your mobile apps.

And the cyber world will be a safer place.

I wondered if anyone was ever going to ask what am I talking about....  it is called blockchain technology.

Blockchain is a shift from central storage to swarm behavior. I am not talking about cryptocurrencies. I am talking about software distribution. With mobile devices we are seeing a new paradigm for digital distribution in the form of the almighty "App Store." The problem is that there are currently only 3 stores: Google, Apple and Microsoft, and they want to distribute all of the world's mobile device software. It is becoming a cartel that threatens to shut down other software vendors. Its aim is a global storage monopoly to block or censor certain apps (Facebook reports say some political-affiliated apps are already being blocked).

Blockchain technology is a solution. Instead of mobile apps being stored in remote corporate servers, they can be stored in local home routers and accessed with IP address and password. Swarm mentality vs. central control is called blockchain technology.  Software programmers and engineers need to start moving in that direction. Happy New Year, and millenium.

Your wish is my command....


Cool! Will have to study more about this.

Thanks for sharing.