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Running NeoEdge from VisualNeoWeb issues


If I run my web app from the neoEdge toolbar button and have anything in my code that is directory specific like {{PubDir}} then the command will fail because NeoEdge is running from the VisualNeoWeb/neoEdge subfolder from the toolbar button.

If you compile the app and check the box for "Run compiled application"  then it runs from the browser which will not work either.


_PopUpImage "-1" "-1" "{{PubDir}}picture.jpg" "0" "6" "Explode"

So I have to run neoEdge manually from my project folder or use the toolbox for the project testing.

I can think of a few different ways to solve this issue..

1.) In the toolbar button click event, check for neoEdge.exe in the project folder and if it exists then use it.. if not then run the default location.

2.) VisualNeoWeb could use a run/compile batch file where we add our commands manually for the projects.

3.) After compiling you could check whether the "include neoEdge compatibility" is checked..  If it is, then offer another checkbox like "run compiled application with NeoEdge" after complied.  Then when the Done button is pressed, check for neoEdge.exe in the project folder and if it exists then use it.. if not run the default location.

The toolbar button is really handy so I like  1.)

Just some thoughts ..




Hi @darbdenral, thanks for your comments. I will think about it.

Note that neoEdge is registered in Windows as an Internet Web Browser here:


I'm quite sure you can change there the default path to neoedge.exe, so whenever you click the toolbar icon in VisualNEO Web it will start from your desired location.

Thanks again!

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In the registry. Ok, I see what you mean, I can easily do something..


@luishp, so here's a little problem I've created. ;)

If I edit the neoEdge registry settings, I have no problem everything works as you suggested.

But I want to create a new browser registry entry, separate from the existing neoEdge using my own compiled version of neoEdge.  This way the VisualNeoWeb entries are left intact and I can use my custom neoEdge fully independent.   So, I added my entries to the registry for my new renamed neoEdge, lets call it myNeoEdge.  So I have myNeoEdge.exe and needed files in a separate folder from VisualNeoWeb.

Now when I load VisualNeoWeb the myNeoEdge button is visible in the toolbar along with the original neoEdge as expected.

The problem is that when myNeoEdge loads up from the toolbar, it cannot find the project file.  It's missing param2, which should hold the path to the index.html file.  So myNeoEdge cannot find the web page to load.  If I view the [CommandLine] variable in myNeoEdge, it's missing param2 and thus thinks I'm running as a Standalone app.

So as a test, I replaced the original neoEdge files in the VisualNeoWeb\neoEdge folder with myNeoEdge files, renamed to neoEdge.  This will use my custom neoEdge using the default neoEdge toolbar button.  This worked just fine.

Any idea why the project index.html file is not being passed as a parameter?

Ya know even if it did pass param2 correctly, I'd be right back where I started from with NeoEdge reading PubDir from myNeoEdge launch folder which is technically correct, except the project would not fail to load ..  I'm still wondering why param2 is not passed.

I'm all for the addition of a before run and after compile batch file project setting that could be used for many purposes.



@darbdenral as each Web Browser receives the parameters in a slightly different way, VisualNEO Web detects the executable name and then send the parameters correctly, depending on the target web browser. As your executable name is not recognized "myNeoEdge.exe" then VisualNEO Web doesn't know the correct parameters to use.

Anyway I'm going to update VisualNEO Web to use the same parameters, with any unknow web browser, as it uses with neoedge.exe.


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Thank you very much!

Quote from luishp on December 2, 2022, 2:08 pm

Anyway I'm going to update VisualNEO Web to use the same parameters, with any unknow web browser, as it uses with neoedge.exe.



I can confirm, this feature has been added and works fine in the VisualNEO Web 23.1.2 release

thanks so much!


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