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Simulate mouse right click...

Hi overthere,

I know about the ClickMouse action. It's works fine for the Left Click-

Are there any service or plugin in order to perform simulates Right Click?

Thanks in advance,

David de Argentina



Would this work for your needs ?

1) For the Right Click event code, have just one command like this ...

GoSub "rightClickForButtonXYZ"

... place the code that services the right click event for ButtonXYZ in the subroutine labelled "rightClickForButtonXYZ"

2) Now, instead of a command like ClickMouse, just do a ...

GoSub "rightClickForButtonXYZ"


Thanks Gaev,

I'm doing a Android APP that simulates the pad of the notebook ( or the mouse), and sends events to a VNW / NeoBook program using the wifi router  .

I just discover the HPWAutoit Plugin seems to do the job.

I still can't do tests, because I'm in full development


David de Argentina

I just did the first test:
It does everything wrong, but it works.... ;-)

(We're going bad, but we're going fast)

The sample works.... allmost all.

I can manage the VNW / NeoBook program using the Phone APP.

There are the basics actions:

I can move the mouse into the screen of the PC, and perform the Left & Right Clicks

If you are interested on this technology, feel free to ask me via email.

aplicaciones (at) rocketmail (dot) com

Greetings from Buenos Aires,

David de Argentina


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