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Size limit

Is there a size limit/number of lines limit  in VisualNEO Web? When I add the following code at any place, I get a grey screen in every browser I use, whether I compile or I try out in browsers.


Additional code:

FitAppToScreen true "middle" "center"
SetVar [P11] 0
SetVar [T01] 0
SetVar [T02] 0
SetVar [T03] 0
SetVar [T04] 0
SetVar [T05] 0
SetVar [T06] 0
SetVar [Fertig] 0
setvar [fiftyjoker] 1
setvar [gptjoker] 1
SetVar [pwd1] "Demo"
SetVar [chatgpt] ""
SetVar [fasdquizversion] "2.0.44"
SetVar [DatumUpdate] 11.6.2024"
SetVar [YearUpdate] "2022-24"


Whatever I try to insert the additional lines on page entry or in a button, after adding there is no way to get the app to work. When I delete these lines, all works again.

Thanks in advance


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@alf-bogner the problem is in this line:

SetVar [DatumUpdate] 11.6.2024"

It should be:

SetVar [DatumUpdate] "11.6.2024"

You have missed double quotes.
Also note that you should use CenterApp or FitAppToScreen, but not both.
In fact the app is centered by default so many versions ago..

Thanks. Sometimes you don't see the forest cause of too many trees ;)

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