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Suggestion to help visibility/sales

I would like to suggest a Showcase section of website that features some of the better software developed both for desktop and web.  Also, part of the suggestion would be to have several powerful/good example programs that really show what VisualNeo is capable of.

In the past the examples weren't great and looked very amateurish and their wasn't hardly any visibility of completed projects by other devs.

For instance, I have Neobook and will upgrade once the desktop version of VisualNeo is out, but the web application I have no clue what it is capable of other than some very basic functions because it was still in it's infancy.  And web is what I need now but for a very robust idea.


Hi @netsurf,

You are right. I would like to invite anyone to share their projects here. If someone is interested I offer a featured post about his works, projects, etc. I think it could be benefical for both parts.
On the other side we are working hard in many aspects to improve VisualNEO Web, including a database solution. It's only a question of time.

In any case VisualNEO Web is capable, even today, to generate powerful projects just using some PHP and JavaScript as a complement. Some samples:

Complete solution to create interactive visual test and exams (included a complete editor and local and database storage):

Some samples:

From the editor any sample can be edited, modified and saved.

Interactive educational science introduction (includes two games):

Probably the best one. It helps doctors to identify SHOX gene in childrens, but password protected:

Right now we are working on a project to help homeowners to detect the possibility of being robbed in their homes.
Will share the link as soon as it is finished.



Another professional application made completely with VisualNEO Web:

It evaluates the possibility of robbery in your home and gives you advise and data analisys.
Best regards.