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Hello All,


I know there was already a discussion about the plugins of Alberto Meyer.

I'm working on a project where I tried the TmSpreadSheet plugin. For this project it is a great plugin for the use I have.
I tried to contact Alberto about buying a license, but no reaction.

I saw that the discussion (I think about a year ago) was to get hand on the licenses for his plugins.
Did anyone got a answer on this?


Best regards,


Eric Beerhorst



Hi @ebear, please check your email.
Best regards.

@luishp Thanks a lot Luis for supporting me.

Anyone an idea where to get the complete plugin series from Alberto Meyer???

Thanks a lot,

Eric Beerhorst



Hi Eric:-)


I have (almost) all Alberto's plug-ins, freeware and commercial, beta,unrelease/unfinished versions etc...'s a tricky, because, without serials, plug-ins are not usable in some sort of commercial using...

And giving serials without author's permission is illegal, but making a contact and receive answer from Alberto is SF.

Most of his plug-ins works well on Win10 (32/64 bit) but some not at all, or working with strange beheviours.

During years we built really good relation, but my last conversation with him was about 2 years ago when I found his FB (I think) profile and ask him if he want to distribute plug-ins as freeware...

Answer was expected negative, because "..he have plans to upgrade all plug-ins and sell it again..."

I understand his point of view, and he's also recovery from agressive cancer, Alberto's plug-in on market...:-(

And all members from old Neobook Forum  (including me) have at least one bad experience with Alberto's promises, release dates, error fixing etc...

He was (is) an excellent developer, but sometime he want to make more the he can...lack of time, many different projects in same time...bad for bussines.

If you want we can discuss outside forum - my mail:



@ebear, @dglojnar, I have very good news :)
Yesterday night I got an email from Alberto Meyer asking me about VisualNEO Win.
It seems he plans to get back to plugin development:

Luis. I'm glad you took over the software. I didn't die, but it was almost. :) Now i am fine. I get a little upset about not keeping some promises and deadlines, but that can all be reversed. All the best and a lot of success for you.


This is really very, very good news indeed :-)

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