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Uploading Visualneo web to server

Good morning.

I have been following the YouTube video on creating and accessing the mysqlite phone book.  I have added my own fields etc and carried out the steps several times but find I dont have any data from the database displaying.

I am guessing that the folder that visualneo creates when compiled all gets uploaded onto the server.

I also noticed that there are other folders called visualneo web created inside the folder without a config file.

Been trying this all weekend without success.  Any help would be brilliant thanks.

Have attached zipped folder just incase anyone could have a quick look.  Thank you.


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Hi @alanfallow
If you want us to help you it's important you to isolate the problem first.
Nobody has time unough to understand your project and how it's inteded to work.
We have faced this situation many times.
My advise for you is to create a very simple project and keep testing it while you make it more complex.
Whenever you face a problem try to isolate it to the minimun necessary information so we can understand whats happening easily and quickly, and then assist you. Thank you for your understanding.

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Hi luishp

Sorry just no patience.

I have actually started doing what you suggested.  Mad a small project with only 2 fields and building it up.  Should be ready to run soon.

Thanks again for advise.


Ok have created exact same app as on the first YouTube database video.  Have checked all code etc over and over.  No data shows when I compile and run the app.

When I create the sqlite database it doesn't have any extention ie .dB.  is this normal.

Sorry to bother you all but have redone a few times.

Thank you..

@alanfallow have you been able to run the included sample app?
Please check your computer under "My Documents\VisualNeoWeb\Sample Apps\neoPhpSamples"
Those samples should work correctly. Just be sure to change or delete the default app icon.
Data base extension can be anyone. That shouldn't be a problem.

PLease let me know if you have success.

Hi thank you.

I noticed this line is missing in mine.


I will try later and let you know.  Thanks

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