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Using Image layers

Is it possible to uses an images with say 5 layers and depending on the zoom in on the image, you show a different layer.

ie 100% view shows the top most layer

75% shows the second layer and so on.


Hi @m-burdess, I think it's possible but can you elaborate how do you want to change the zoom level?
It's usualy better to use a high definition image, or a vector SVG image, within a Container and change it's width and height according to the zoom level you want to apply.


Hi @luishp, Sorry for the delay in getting back, but work comes first. I have produced a rough Image using PixelNeo to show the layers, but am unable to upload it. These images are not the final but just for show. In my mind, the image starts as a line diagram and as you zoom in the image detail become visible until you come to a level of detail yet to be set.




@m-burdess if it a diagram and not a photo I would recommend using SVG graphics.
Please take a look at this video tutorial:


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