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Video Trim App needs trackbar

I have made an app that trims video clips with ffmpeg utilities. It trims video clips (but not audio yet) by selecting a start frame and an end frame. It works okay and is easy to use, but the trackbar only partly works because I am still not sure how it communicates with ffplay. All the pub files including a working exe are in this zip (94773768 size). I would appreciate any advice on why the trackbar slides automatically sometimes, although I have not written code for it to do that.


video trim app


I solved the trackbar issue. It was impossible for me to modify the NEOWin track bar for use with ffmpeg video utilities. So I embedded a NEOWeb media player in my program and now I can use its tracking bar to set a begin mark and an end mark for trimming videos with ffmpeg. It only accepts MP4 videos but I will include a MP4 converter from AVI and MOV. If you wrap your NEOWeb app inside a basic NEOWin publication's browser object, you can have easy access to Windows System files, with File Open, File Save commands, etc.



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