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VisualNEO Web. Version 20.4.10 released


Free update for previous version VisualNEO Web users.

This version includes some useful properties and commands

Software: VisualNEO Web
Version: 20.4.10

This is a minor version update with few improvements:

  • New property clip-path.
  • New property transition.
  • New Commands: ClipObjectPolygon and ClipObjectPath.

This version allows easy image clipping using Polygon Objects and/or paths like those you can generate here:

The transition property allows easy animations between CSS values (using Style and Hover properties panel or ToggleClass command).

Uploaded files:
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This is great
Good luck

Thank you Luis for the new update.

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Thank you so much!!! I love updates !!!

As Vadim said, I also love updates !! Thank you Luis !

... And Big Bravo to you Rocote !

@vadim @rocote @cdy44-2 @yasin thank you all!

I have just attached a sample app (see above in first post) so you can test the new functionalities. Please test it in a modern web browser! Let me know if you have any doubt.
Best regards.


Luis, I checked the trimmer in Firefox and Google Chrome. Works great! Very beautiful!!!

I checked it in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and even Tor.... all is OK !! Perfect !


Thank you so much


best regards.

Muchas gracias @luishp

Es genial.





Os muestro un ejemplo de uso de ClipObjectPath.  Se trata de un puzzle circular

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Roger, great idea for a project! Thanks for sharing!

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