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VisualNEO Web. Version 20.4.15 released


Free update for previous version VisualNEO Web users.

This version includes some useful enhancements

Software: VisualNEO Web
Version: 20.4.13  20.4.15

This is a minor version update with few improvements:

  • New ScaleApp Command.
  • New FitAppToScreen command.
  • New OnTouchEvent and RemoveTouchEvent commands.
  • New Global Variables: [TouchX ], [TouchY] and [AppScale].
  • Updated PowerApp plugin for better scaling behavior.
  • PWA's are now fullscreen on mobile devices once installed.
  • Included "Virus Killer" Game source code on Sample Apps.

Bug fixes:

  • [MouseX] and [MouseY] Global variables now take app scale into account.
  • App scrollbars are now allways correctly hidden when "hide scrollbars" option is checked.
  • SetObjectAtribute command now works correctly with "src" attribute on image objects.

Download from:

Vadim, asmat and rocote have reacted to this post.

Wow! This is the speed of updates! Bravo!

Luis, you are a really productive person and a master.

By the way, I listen in the evening with my wife to a Netflix series (Money Heist) produced in Spain. If you have a chance to watch this, it is produced in a very intelligent way. You made me think of the professor in the series. :)

Thanks for the quick update!

Hi Roger, not much time to watch TV but it's a quite famous series here in Spain "Money Heist" = "La casa de papel".
Will try to take a look anyway.
Thank you!

CDY@44 has reacted to this post.

Yes exactly, it's La Casa de Papel.
It's a remarkable series! It has been translated into French for our country.
I had no doubt that you did not have time to watch television.

I understand.

Take care.

Impatient to see the season 5 !!! ;)
By the way, a big thank you for the last update !!


I have just added a minor update to this update (please download and reinstall):

New FitAppToScreen command.

Sorry for updating so quickly but this new command is quite important to adapt apps to mobile devices without using old plugins.
It will solve some problems related to "slScaleApp..." commands and it's easier to understand too.
Please let me know if you have any doubt or find any problem.

Thank you!

Vadim, asmat and YASIN have reacted to this post.

Thank you so much luishp!

Thanks a lot, Luis!!!

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