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VisualNEO Web. Version 20.4.25 released


Free update for previous version VisualNEO Web users.

This version includes some useful enhancements

Software: VisualNEO Web
Version: 20.4.25

This is a minor version update with few improvements:

New Commands:

  • SwapVars (Swap two variables values)
  • GetFocusedObject (Get the focused object name)
  • LoopDown (Same as Loop but for count downs)

Bug fixes:

  • Most ListBox specific commands have been deprecated (New ListBoxes Sample App included)
    Check this forum post for more information.

Download from:

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VadimCDY@44asmatSamuel Vanneste

The master has struck again!

Thank you very much Luis for your great work.

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Thank you Luis !!

Great news, thank you very much Luis.



Thanks so much for the fast development !!

Hi Luis!

Good Job brother, i just noticed the changes... Thank you!


i installed new version to check new thing and it's working with my previous License as well, i see you added "NeoLocal Storage" that's great i use local storage a lot in my apps.

Question: neo local storage still have 5MB data limit? can we expand it? whats different with old local storage?



@noizen please take a look to the original library (LocalForage) for more information. Just use neoSetItem and neoGetItem instead of SetItem and GetItem to use the new capalities.
Best regards.

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Thank you.

i did replaces all set and get items with Neo ones... but my app failed to run because NetSetItem and NeoGetItem are slower or buggy and don't work when they are between lines of code... for some reason...

when i changed back to default ones everything worked fine again!

i did replaces all set and get items with Neo ones... but my app failed to run because NetSetItem and NeoGetItem are slower or buggy and don't work when they are between lines of code... for some reason...

@noyzen would need to take a look at a sample app with those errors. The library is quite solid.

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Hi Luis, i'm back in town.

Yesterday i bought a new mac and when installing VisualNeo Web on Parallel Desktop, the software ask me to buy it and prompt me with the computer ID.

Can you activate it for me pls?


That is ok Luis, i took the wrong key.

It is activated now.  Thanks

Sorry - Not trying to hijack a thread but I have not been able to get the preview function to work under parallels. Rocote does your parallels setup work. I have Parallels 15.1.4 with windows 10 running. the preview function does not work and running in IE11 or the new browser fails. Any advice about your setup would be appreciated.

Hello, VNWeb works very well with Parallel Desktop. I also use version 15.4.1.

Make sure you have Parallel Desktop Tools install or try to install it again (tools). I also have a Laptop PC, but since my main computer is a MacBook Pro 16 inches, I like to program with VNWeb through Desktop Parallel.  Parallel Desktop has a two modes: Full screen or Coherence Mode.  I always use the Coherence Mode because it hide Parallel Desktop screen in the back and only VisualNeo Web appear on the screen, just like if you were on a PC computer.

I had no problem using VisualNeo Web on Parallel Desktop. It has been many months I use it on parallel desktop and NEVER had a problem to use or install VNWeb.

Note: Since I use a MacBook Pro with latest CPU, compiling a program is faster with Parallel Desktop.  I use to have an iMac (late 2013) for a few years.  It was also working well with Parallel Desktop 15.

So I believe your installation of Parallel Desktop is mix-up somewhere.  I wouldn't know what it is.  But I'm here to tell you that there should be NO problems at all using VisualNeo Web on your Mac.  What Mac version do you have?

If parallel is installed correctly, there should be no problem.  Also, make sure your VNWeb version is registered with your computer ID.  If not, it won't work.  I don't know about the demo because I always used a registered version.  But ask on the forum about it or check for the key word "registered etc... ' on the search engine.

Plesae, use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome (this one I use) instead of Internet Explorer.

Hope this help.


Thanks for the in depth response. I'll see if I can tweak parallels.

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