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VisualNEO Web. Version 20.9.12 released


Free update for previous version VisualNEO Web users.

Software: VisualNEO Web
Version: 20.9.12

This is a minor version update with few improvements:

New Plugins:

  • neoWhatsApp (Add a WhatsApp widget)

Updated Plugins:

  • neoSVG includes four new commads:
    • neoSvgScale
    • neoSvgScaleAnimated
    • neoSvgTranslate
    • neoSvgTranslateAnimated

Updated German Translation:

Thanks to the user @wood for manualy tranlating to German the software interface.

Bug fixes:

  • RemoveOnMouseEvent and RemoveOnTouchEvent commands have been fixed.
  • phpWFM plugin now installs correctly.

Download from:

CDY@44 and asmat have reacted to this post.

Hi Luis,
Thank you for the update !
Have a nice week-end !

Merci beaucoup LUIS!


Thank you so much Luis !!!

Hooray for new localizations !!!

Very good , Thank you.

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