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VisualNEO Web. Version 22.8.6 released (minor version)


Free update for previous version VisualNEO Web users.

Software: VisualNEO Web
Version: 22.8.6

This is a minor version update with some important bug fix and and two new plugins.

Core bug fixes:

  • File Input now opens folders correctly in mobile devices instead of the camera.

Core new functionalities:

  • Now VisualNEO Web supports modern JavaScript modules (as included files or within plugins)
    <script type="module"...>
    To be sure VisualNEO Web compiles the module files correctly include ".module." into the JavaScript file name (ie: myscript.module.min.js)

New plugins:

  • neoColorPicker (Color Picker with transparency scrollbar. More info here)
  • neoSort (Plugin for reorderable drag-and-drop elements. More info here)
  • neoBackground (Plugin to add image, single color, gradients and animated gradients backgrounds. More info here)

Updated plugins:

  • neo3dModel
    • Original JavaScript library updated to the lastest version.
    • Fixed neo3dModelGetCameraOrbit command.
  • FabricJS
    • Original JavaScript library updated to the lastest version (5.0.0).
    • New: Double click an image to crop it!!
    • New commands:
      • fabNewTextEx (Adds a new text with background color and padding)
      • fabNewInteractiveTextEx (Adds a new interactive (user editable) text with background color and padding)
      • fabLoadLocalMainImage (Load an local image file and resize the canvas to its size
      • fabLoadMainImage (Load an image from URL and resize the canvas to its size.)
      • fabSetControls (Set default controls colors and size)
      • fabGetCanvasWidth
      • fabGetCanvasHeight
      • fabNewPolyline (double click a Polyline to edit its nodes!! Drag and drop nodes, right click to delete node, double click to add node)
        CreateEmptyArray [myArray] 
        ArrayAddItem [myArray] {x:30,y:30}
        ArrayAddItem [myArray] {x:150,y:30}
        ArrayAddItem [myArray] {x:150,y:150}
        ArrayAddItem [myArray] {x:30,y:150}
        ArrayAddItem [myArray] {x:30,y:30}
        fabNewPolyline "ContainerFab" "" [myArray] "[theColor]" 0 "[thePathStrokeColor]"

Download from:

Let me know if you have any issues.
Thank you!

farhad2008, CDY@44 and 2 other users have reacted to this post.

Although yesterday I published the 22.8.5 version I have updated the update to 22.8.6 :)
The reason is I have discovered an easy way to include modern JavaScript modules into VisualNEO Web.
I have also included a new interesting plugin (neoBackground) to simplify using CSS backgrounds.
Sorry for the inconveniences!

CDY@44 has reacted to this post.

Hi @luishp,

On download page we have "VisualNEO Web 22.6.20".... But the downloaded file is correct !
Best regards,

luishp has reacted to this post.

@cdy44-2 thank you! I forgot to update the version name. Fixed :)

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