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VisualNEO Win BETA. Version 21.6.19


Free update for previous version VisualNEO Win users.

Software: VisualNEO Win
Version: 21.6.19

I'm really happy to announce this new beta version.
This is a minor version update with some improvements:

New Commands:

  • FileRename. Rename an external file.
  • PlayAction. Execute a script from a string variable or external text file.

Other improvements and bug fixes:

  • In command FileList without a Filepattern a *.* Pattern is used.
  • Command FileList now supports Embedded Filesystem through Variablle [Embedded]
  • In command FileList on embedded path you can use also a multi-wildcard now.
  • When adding a file in or under PubDir the [PubDir] Variable is used.  Allow relative path in embedding.
  • In embedding you could'nt not only use relativ path now you can add a complete path with multiwildcard, which allows embedding thousands of files with a one-liner.
  • Option for custom ExitCode from global VN-Variable [AppExitCode]
  • Bugfix: Negativ Exitcodes in command 'Run' returned as big positiv Integers. Now you get -1 when -1 is send.

Download from:

This update has been possible thanks to the incredible german developer Hans-Peter @hpw
Now the path is open and VisualNEO Win is alive again :-)
Thank you very much!!!!

Let us know if you encounter any issue.
Thank you!

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Thank you so much !!!

@luishp @hpw

Yay!!! Thank you so much!!! Cosmic news!!! The continued development of VisualNeo Win is the news of the year for me!!! Dancing!!!

Awesome! Much appreciated...Can't wait to check it out.

Fantastic news!

Thank You!!!!

Big news thanks Hans for keeping my favorite software alive.

Great to hear that Hans is involved in this project. Great developer since neobook old times

Unas de las mejores noticias que hemos recibido, se agradece el esfuerzo que ponen en que siga creciendo Visualneo WIN.


Mis saludos y respetos

Richard Ramirez Peralta

Desde Chile

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