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VoltBuilder Android and VisualNeo database not working..

Hello Everyone... and Luis..

Here again... Has anyone ever got the database and login to work in "VoltBuilder".. for Android..

if so then a Sample would be great...

as I can not in any way do this task.. and Volt/Br are useless when asked about it...



Hi @linda-rainey
I don't have much experience using VoltBuilder but, what kind of database are you trying to use and how do you try to connect to it?

Hello Luis...

Good to hear from you...

What it is.. I have made plenty of PWA apps which is what I joined your system for.. and is far the best for any phones etc..

and always chose the WEB PWA Platform...

But want to experiment with Android... so I changed the platform for compile to Mobile unchecking any others (Web Windows etc)

Uploaded to VoltBuilder Paid version Account... dose the perform and build in 10 seconds... every thing looks just like normal PWA...

until you try and Login.. it does not button presses but will not open database...

Database is your standard that I use on all apps SQlite (the one off "Telephone Directory) just with the field I use...

There is no option as far as I can see in VoltBuilder to connect to any database..  I presumed it uses your Config.php to do that..

and supposedly connect automatically...

I have tried PWABuilder to convert PWA to Android.. but that doesn't work either..

Best regards



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Hello Luis..

Disregarding Voltbuilder...

How do you simply make an Android app using your system...



@linda-rainey VoltBuilder just makes it easy to use Cordova to pack your Android apps, but you can use Cordova directly to create your own app.
There is a forum section with information here:
Apache Cordova Related Topics - Forum - VisualNEO. Cross-platform App Development Tool for Windows

When possible I always recommend using PWABuilder instead but depends on the reason you to are choosing the Android platform.

Regarding your screen captures, you need to include the additional config.xml code (yours is empty) in order for your apps to be compiled correctly. You will need at least two lines:

<preference name="android-targetSdkVersion" value="32" />
<preference name="android-minSdkVersion" value="22" />

Version numbers may change due to SDK requirements but I think right now these numbers should work correctly.

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Linda Rainey

Hello Luis...

OK.. I will give it a go...



Hello Linda,

Any success with Android and dataBase ?



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