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YouTube video


Is it possible in the future to have a video added to the Youtube channel, showing people like me, how easy it is to upload and make a program available to every one.


Hi @m-burdess. The only problem is there are many ways to publish your app.
The easiest is as a PWA uploaded to a web server. It has two steps:

1) Compile the app as a PWA (just checking a check box before compiling)
2) Upload the app to a web server.

The second step depends on your server control panel but I can create a YouTube video for CloudNEO and for cPanel (a industry standard control panel) if you need it.

Once published as a PWA you can optionally pack it as a .apk using and publish it in Google Play.
Another option is to compile directly for PhoneGap and let PhoneGap Build to convert it in a .apk file to later publish in Google Play. Finally there is a third option for desktop apps using NWjs.

Let me know what you are interested in.

Best regards.

Hi @luishp. I am interested, as I would like to see a project from the start to the finished item. This will also allow newcomers see that even without a history of programming, it is possible to create a program and see it in its finally state ( ie online ). This may lead to someone creating a course using this software, so helping people start programming.




@m-burdess done! Let me know if you have any doubt. Thanks!


By the way, the PWA shown as an example in the video has recently being published in Google Play using
It's available only for the spanish market here:

It takes about 20 minutes to create all the documentation for Google Play. Mainly screenshots and descriptions. Once everything is ready it takes a few days to get approved.

Installable web version here:

Try it in different devices.



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