newLisp Challenge 2!

Before we continue with Tutorial 5 on newLISP, let’s do now some exercises in newLISP programming. You’ve to solve some problems. To do so successfully, recall the contents of the first four tutorials on newLISP of mine. In addition, you can use this link for info on newLISP functions:

[Notice that for some problems one could find better solutions when invoking other functions than discussed in the first four tutorials.]

I’ve made two Challenges:

  • Challenge 1 beginner level
  • Challenge 2 intermediate level

For each level, you’ve to download a pub with tasks, and the necessary .nbr and .dll file to run the Notice that you’ve to install the free newLISP plugin of Hans Peter Wickern:

If you’ve solved all tasks of Challenge 1 or/and Challenge 2, send your pub with the valid newLISP code to info[at]sinlios[dot]com with subject “newLisp Challenge 2 (beginner or intermediate) level

Submission deadline: 01 November 2019

As this is a again contest there will be also TWO PRIZES: one for the beginner and one for the intermediate level!

You can download Challenge 1 beginner level at: Challenge1
You can download Challenge 2 intermediate level at: Challenge2

Thanks and I wish you a lot of fun!

Reinier Maliepaard