asGrid 2.0

asGrid 2.0 is a plugin designed for use with VisualNeo Win (NeoBook 5) and is a continuation of the development of the asGrid plugin. Many different commands added and minor bugs fixed.

asGrid 2.0 provides the ability to create various tables from simple to the most complex, it is possible to use colored cells, rotating text in cells, colored text. A number of commands for setting up tables, searching the table, controlling the input characters, copying the entire table and selected cell regions to the clipboard.

The module allows you to save a table and tabular data in MS Excel, MS Word files, an HTML file, an image file, a text file, and also in a specially-developed table file which, when opened, restores the entire look and feel of the table and table data. The file can be stored, transferred – when it is opened, the table will be restored automatically and does not require writing code to create the table.

The table can be loaded from the clipboard by copying data from MS Excel or MS Word files.

The archive contains a plugin, a string translation file and several demo examples in Russian and English.

To use the translation file from Russian to English, please copy the included file “asGrid.loc” to the folder where VisualNEO Win is installed.

To translate strings into other languages ??- translate the file strings starting with the string “001 * Rectangle:” and below.

Do not change the file name.

Andrei_S  (as3856)

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