asPicture v3.0

asPicture 3.0 is a plug-in designed for use with VisualNeo Win (NeoBook 5). asPicture 3.0 provides add graphics capabilities to your publications. The module allows you to create new image files, as well as do the processing of existing files. There is a wide selection of tools for drawing and image processing, the ability to work with layers, apply various effects to images. Merge image files, crop images. Most known graphics formats are supported.

Plug-in author: Andrey Solodyankin (as3856)

Russia 2019

To use the translation file from Russian to English, please copy the included file “asPicture_3.loc” to the folder where VisualNEO Win is installed.

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  • luishp

    Great plugin

  • Santanu Garain
    Santanu Garain

    that is great plugin for me. only crop ratio option is missing.. please add this function.