This plugin for VisualNEO Win allows you to receive the identifier of a connected USB device (for example, a USB flash drive or storage device), and also allows you to monitor connection and disconnection events of a device with this identifier. This allows:

  • Create a hardware key (token) from a flash drive or other device to provide access to programs or accounts, to access encrypted correspondence, file storage, etc.
  • Create programs for automatic backup of files when a specified device is connected.
  • Create connection control programs (or alarm disconnection) of previously connected devices (are all the necessary devices connected).
  • Creating programs for tracking the history of using devices connected to a computer and programs that allow using previously registered (authorized) devices on a computer or within a specific account (for example, to prevent viruses from infecting a computer).
  • Creating programs – assistants, giving advice on the use of this device.
  • etc.

The archive contains a plugin, a string translation file and several demo examples in Russian and English.
To use the translation file from Russian to English, please copy the included file “asUSBDevice.loc” to the folder where VisualNEO Win is installed.
To translate strings into other languages – translate the file strings starting with the string “001 * ” and below.
Do not change the file name.

Andrei_S  (as3856)

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