Functions Library from scriptedLogic

This publication demonstrates how the use of Functions can further improve the already high level of Rapid Application Development (R.A.D) capabilities under the VisualNEO Win platform.

Commonly used “routines” can be saved in the Function library … and re-deployed in multiple applications with just one (Call) command. Functions not only help reduce the amount of scripting required to develop your applications … but once tested, they also negate the need to re-test the same routines in subsequent uses.

scriptedlogic functions library

This App comes with 8 “ready to use” functions that you can install in the Functions folder of VisualNEO Win and begin deploying them in all of your projects … they include …

gk1EraseFile – Checks if the specified file exists before invoking the FileErase command … so you don’t have to.

gk1GetFileParts – Extracts a file’s drive, path, extension and file name with just one Call.

gk1DateDiff – Calculates/Returns the difference in days between two specified dates.

gk1CalcDate – Calculates/Returns the date corresponding to a specified date and plus/minus specified days.

gk1GetObjectDims – Extracts/Returns the Left, Top, Width, Height, CenterX and CenterY positions of specified object with just one Call.

gk1SetObjectLayout – Using just one Call, set/change Left, Top, Width and Height of specified object ; also Hide/Show or SendToBack/SendToFront. Any/All properties can be left unchanged as well.

gk1Random – Returns a random number from within a range specified by minimum and maximum values ; including negative numbers.

gk1Mouse – Move mouse pointer to specified location on screen and simulate click of mouse.

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